Acoustimass 7 hook up, bose acoustimass owner s manual pdf download

Many would say that it is simply not worth the hassle to to try and break it up. And I thought that the Bose wire were some weird gauge of wire. You don't have to spend a lot of money to replace Bose speakers by the way. Not only that, but now you've got this bass module that really is comprised of mid woofers that is masquerading as a subwoofer, but is not truly omnidirectional like an actual sub. The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd.

And I'm able to hook directly up to my receiver? When hooked to a real receiver you will hear what those speakers really sound like which would be bad. Hook those cubes to a real receiver and you will hear what they really sound like. The Japanese make nice receivers and lousy speakers. Remember I am retarded when it comes to this stuff, but I really appreciate all your input guys.

Most people say that Dipole speakers that disperse sound are the best type for surrounds. You'll suffer everyday until you get rid of that junk, there is no way around it. Is this the best way to run the system?

You'll want to hook up the bass module to the surrounds. Find a place in the rear of the room where you can locate the bass module, preferably between the surrounds. He got good advice from anyone whether you agree with it or not. You should listen for yourself and be the judge it's your home and your ears are the one that matter! Home theater is a build it as you go in most cases.

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You want the dialog to be crisp and clear. These amps, coupled with a nice speaker package at a later date, will make for a very good entry level home theater setup. Leave it alone and look for something better. They are also very inefficient so they suck a lot of power with not a whole lot of sound in return.

Bose Acoustimass 7 Owner s Manual

As soon as Bose is mentioned in a thread, the cockroaches crawl out. Neither with play my flavors of music well jazz and acoustic guitar. Either one of those would be fine. The cube speakers you'll probably notice that they sound worse with a real receiver.

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  • You can buy a cheap subwoofer below bucks that will easily outperform the Bose bass box.
  • Boston Aoustics has excellent bookshelfs.
  • So thank you for ur replies.
  • However all sound processing is done in the player and that may or may not be better than your receiver.

Maybe even better than I suggested. No problem for me if I do as long as I have some advice on what to do. From Wikipedia, dating adult the free encyclopedia.

Bose home audio products

This has worked reasonably well in the past for ProLogic but obviously this configuration will not work for Dolby Digital. First time so hang in there with me and am very ignorant on home audio. Could someone help me out?

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Here is another problem with replacing my Bose speakers. It works well for a non-audiophile like me in my home theatre. All you purists and naysayers who would ask why I would want to do this, for now lets just say for the heck of it. What does giant turd mean as far as audio.

Do not try to connect the Sub-woofer channel to the Acoustimass. Would I need to make any internal mods in the acoustimass unit? The suggestion to use the old Acoustimass system for the rear surounds was a good one and I have a good place for the base unit.

Later you can replace them with something better. Since I really don't want to change the speakers right now but at least it is good info for the future. You gotta get what makes you happy. If your budget doesn't allow you get new speakers at this time, call Bose and inquire about the price and part number for the right interface cable.

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Bose home audio products

Give each a side by side listen. Redirected from Bose speaker packages. This is especially important if you are going to listen to music on your system. Plus like I said I have a wire issue since I have Bose wires pre-wired in my house and those aren't compatible with other speakers.

Not all advice here has to be directly solicited. In addition to not taking advantage of the Bose Bass Module - you will destroy the Bose Cubes if hooked up directly to your receiver. The surrounds are really quite poor, and the sub is much more a mid-woofer.

  1. The Dolby Labs site has a good explanation of all of the Dolby modes.
  2. If you find a good receiver that works with Bose let me know.
  3. Since I go by the name of Mr.
  4. This is true watts measured accurately.
  5. You probably won't notice with rap but unless you have a tin ear you will with rock.
  6. Then add a real subwoofer in say months.

My question - is this the best setup for optimal audio performance or should I connect each piece up to the receiver by itself? It appears from your post that maybe you have some candidate speakers for that task. My setup is down stairs and I have the Bose rear speaker wires pre-wired in my ceiling.

Start with the basics and work from there. The advantage is that while most home theaters sound unbalanced and just plain finky because the speaker output isn't properly balanced. Heck, the Sony speakers at Best Buy would blow Bose away. Don't be suckered by bullshit power ratings that claim high wattage on much of the real cheap gear. It's not so much the cubes getting damaged, it's your amp or receiver that will be damaged.

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Nothing else has to change. However sound is what makes the movie magic happen. You don't have to spend a lot of money on one, about how if you are on a budget like me. All the speakers connect into the Subwoofer then from the Subwoofer a cable with what looks like a serial connection runs with regular speaker outlets on the other side that connect to the Receiver. My point is why call anyone a lemming.


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If your sound blows, it must be Bose. It's your call, but I figure that the sound engineer knows more about mixing than I do, so I'll try to reproduce it the way he intended. Try a different brand, tips for I have a Yamaha. Paradigm Cinema series speakers are pretty small and do sound good.

Acoustimass 7 home theater speakers

Did I mention that I'm looking to upgrade now? How would you connect different speakers using the existing wire? Keep in mind this is an old unit that only has left and right inputs. Help or refrain from following the leader. If the speakers are compatible anyone have any receivers I should look at?

Bose Acoustimass 7 Owner s Manual
How to Install Bose Acoustimass Cube Speakers Without the Subwoofer
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